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friEdTechnology will be offering a series of free webinars to all educators throughout the 2020-2021 school year.


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Let's Taco Bout friEd Summer 2019 Updates

G Suite Updates 10/3/19

Learn more about our team, our friEd summer travels and about some of the new G Suite features we're excited to use. As an added bonus, take a sneak peek into friEdTechnology's NEW online school, friEdOnline, and even be entered to win a FREE seat in our GCE Level 1 Academy.

Registration is open now: fried.tech/TacoBout10-3


Let’s Taco Bout Google Classroom


Google Classroom Updates, 9/13/18


Join the friEdTechnology team to learn about the exciting new updates to Google Classroom! Check out the new layout, the classwork page, and time-saving features like copy classroom. Join in the conversation with live streaming.


See it: https://youtu.be/QcPSJlG8PkU


Let’s Taco Bout Writing & Plagiarism


Google Docs, 10/11/18


Join the friEdTechnology team to learn about one of our favorite new tools to detect plagiarism (and get a FREE 30 day trial). We’ll share the best and most affordable tool we know about to assure academic honesty and (spoiler alert) it works great with Google tools. We’ll also discuss some built in Docs features that are amazing for any teacher. This webinar will blow you away! Join in the conversation with live streaming.


Sign Up: fried.tech/TacoBoutWriting


Let’s Taco Bout Hyperslides


Alternative uses for Google Slides 11/8/18


Join the friEdTechnology team to hear about the putting Google Slides to work in new and different ways! From newsletters, flyers, interactive slides to GIFs, this session is sure to surprise you! Join in the conversation with live streaming.



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