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We don't always know what this stuff is going to be, but here is some stuff you can see/get/do that we hope might interest you. If there's stuff you want to see that is not here, you can contact us and we'll think about adding different stuff. 

Hey, while you're here . . . 

Please subscribe to our YouTube channel

Please subscribe to our YouTube channel

Video: How to Zoom on your PC

Video: How to Zoom on your Mac

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Our Favorite sticker store, Sticker Mule! Get $10 off with this referral link
Screenshot 2018-09-13 12.23.02.png
Our Favorite Clicker
Screenshot 2018-09-13 12.27.20.png
Our Favorite Inexpensive Headset for recording
Screenshot 2018-09-13 12.57.14.png
Brooke's Famous USB Powered Fan
Our Favorite Site for Simple Icons & Graphics: Flat Icon: Lots of images are FREE
(and you can customize the colors, too!)
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