friEd Writing: Writing Portfolios with Google Classroom, G Suite & Chromebooks

Cypress Fairbanks ISD, the fourth largest school district in Texas with approximately 150,000 students, heavily relies on G Suite for Education for both daily operations and classroom instruction. The English Language Arts Department, led by Director Ami Ruby, has been key to the overall districts' implementation of G Suite.

Last Spring, we got the opportunity to work with Ami and her team to create a plan to implement writing portfolios, soon to be a required component of Texas state evaluation criterion for writing as mandated by House Bill 1164.

The idea was that if we could develop a working model before the state mandated the change, Ami would undoubtedly be able to weigh in at the state level on how the process will eventually look for everyone. 

Cypress Fairbanks ISD English Language Arts Teachers Hard at Work Learning G Suite Strategies
Cypress Fairbanks ISD English Language Arts Teachers Hard at Work Learning G Suite Strategies

After meeting with the ELA team, we developed a plan that would allow Cypress Fairbanks ISD to implement the pilot program in a completely free way, collect the data they needed, and advise the state committee on how other schools can use Google tools to achieve their goals for writing feedback and growth. During 2018 inservice, friEdTechnology met with every impacted teacher to explain the process and get CFISD started on the right track for ELA portfolios. 

Throughout the 2018-19 school year so far, ELA curriculum coordinators have implemented the process devised with friEdTechnology's help. Our hope is that CFISD's significant influence at the state level will help TEA implement a process that will be effective both logistically and financially for both large and small districts using Google tools.

We at friEdTechnology plan to be a resource for both districts seeking to implement this process and potentially for TEA as they move ahead with a statewide plan. The entire project is a concrete model showing the effectiveness of Chromebooks combined with G Suite and Classroom to form a cohesive and effective system for small and large scale collection of student writing samples for local and state evaluation purposes and to show evidence of student growth and learning. 

Have a question about this project, writing portfolios, future State requirements, or anything else regarding G Suite? We would love to help!

Please contact us today at or at 936.228.9902.

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