UPDATED: Ultra-Prepared Presenter Bag

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

One of our goals at friEdTechnology is to grow education technology professionals, and in OUR estimation, one of the hallmarks of a professional ed tech guru is a presenter bag with all of the essentials. Plus, I just like to look in people's bags and had to find a good excuse to do so.

Here's a list of what WE found in an ultra-prepared presenter bag:

*Audio Cable (long)Batteries (9 volt, AAA, AAAA, AA)

*Bluetooth Speaker (there are lots of good ones, this one is our fave even though it's very pricey!) https://goo.gl/nfZj9m

*Cables with Multiple Ends for Charging Different Devices like these https://goo.gl/Vh7ubp

*Candy/Cereal/Protein Bar

*Chromebook Stylus

*Cleaning Cloth for Electronics

*Compact Phone Holder for Maps in Rental Cars (driving an unfamiliar car in an unfamiliar city while trying to hold your phone is seriously dangerous)

*Computers (have two, you never know!)

*Disposable Raincoat (in blowing rain, one umbrella isn't enough) https://goo.gl/6xiQdQ

*Fisherman's Friend Cough Drops (they are the BEST even though they do not taste good at all)

*Gear Ties like these https://goo.gl/ErkVTo

*Permanent Marker

*Power Bricks

*Projector Remote with Freeze Button like this one https://goo.gl/oXdm6r

*Rolling bag like this one https://goo.gl/2frVr6


*Universal Adapter with lots of ports including Ethernet if your device doesn't have an Ethernet port---some schools/orgs will not let you get on their wifi!)

*USB C Adapter (if your computer/Chromebook uses USB C)

*USB C Cables (if your computer/Chromebook uses USB C)

*VGA/HDMI Adapters (have two, they go out)


We ALMOST forgot! Another essential component of our "Ultra Prepared Presenter Bag" is Pledge Multi Surface Wipes. Dirty computer screen? Pledge Wipes . . . not so clean looking hotel countertop . . . Pledge Wipes! We use them to clean everything while on the road!

Photo of Prepared Presenter Bag
Prepared Presenter Bag

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