Type with Emojis on your Mac, PC or Chromebook

It's true! You can type in everyone's newest favorite language on your Mac or PC laptop, and it's SUPER easy!

On all devices, put your cursor where you want the emoji to go, then use the keystrokes or follow the directions you see below to activate your device's emoji keyboard.

Mac: hold down Command+Control+Space Bar. The emoji keyboard will appear so that you can select your emoji. (For example: How you're probably feeling right now . . . 😍)

PC: hold down the Windows key, then press the period button on your keyboard. (That's right! You're speaking in emojis now. How does it feel? 😸Yeah, that's what we thought!)

Chromebook: There are a lot of different ways to get an emoji keyboard on a Chromebook, but the easiest way is to install this extension called Emoji Keyboard. Right now, it's the highest rated emoji keyboard in the Chrome Web Store. If your district does not allow you to install extensions on your district managed Chromebook, try these directions to enable the on screen keyboard.

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