Video: The Student's Guide to Google Classroom

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Whelp, we finally managed to create something teachers have been asking us for for a LONG time! A video teaching students how to use Google Classroom from their perspective. Don't forget, this video AND the Parent's Guide to Google Classroom are both available (with a license to share with all of your students AND students' parents) in the Google Classroom in 5 on demand course in our online school here.

I know the video SEEMS long, but, here is a helpful guide below so that you can send students to just the topics they need. PRO-TIP: You can use this url below with the timing you want substituted where my timing (481) to get them to JUST the right spot:

481=8 minutes and 1 second (8x60 seconds in a minute+1=481) OR, if you don't want to do the math, pull up the video, go to the beginning of the section you want students to see, then click the Share button underneath the video. Look for this checkbox to adjust the URL. Copy the modified URL and share away:

0:00- 1:18 Get to Google Classroom

1:19-1:28 Get the apps you need to use Google Classroom on your Mobile Device

1:29- 2:07 Join a Google Classroom two ways

2:08-2:34 Find your assignments in one or more Google Classrooms

2:35-3:19 Understand the parts / pages of Google Classroom (Stream vs. Classwork Page)

3:20-4:15 Accessing your Google Classroom folder and Calendar

4:16-4:57 Finding the Assignment Page for an Assignment / Understanding the Assignments Page

4:58-6:18 Completing an Assignment / Turn In

6:19- 6:46 Adding a file to an Assignment that does not have a template

6:47-8:04 How to Unsubmit and keep working on an assignment then Turn in


6:48-8:59 Asking for help with a Private Comment or a Class Comment

9:00-9:17 Finding Comments on Assignments and replying

9:18-10:15 What to do if you accidentally delete your assignment without bothering your teacher

10:16-10:41 Use the question mark to get help from the Help Center

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