Never Underestimate the POWER of Stickers!

Updated: May 31, 2019

We at friEdTechnology are BIG fans of stickers. We spend a lot of energy creating new ones for our #friedfans anytime we are heading to a conference or event, and our

favorite company to use is Stickermule. Their Vinyl Stickers are great quality, their prices are amazing, and they look great on laptops. We try to use Google Drawing to its fullest potential to create really catchy, super colorful, very popular stickers (if we do say so ourselves!)

And beyond our social use of stickers, they are surprisingly powerful tools for incentivizing behavior or learning targets. Check out how we've used stickers to motivate teachers to attend and complete staff development goals. This is a strategy any educator could use with their own staff or students.

Believe us, people will do amazing things to receive a sticker!

And hey, don’t forget to follow Stickermule today on Instagram or Twitter (@stickermule) to find out about their latest deals and products!

I spy a LOT of Stickermule Stickers in that Gallery posted above! Check them out!

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