Sorry we missed ya!

Did you miss our TacoBout webinar last night? That's too bad, it was a pretty terrific start to this year's series and we gave away free online learning to one lucky attendee. But don't be too bummed because we recorded the event and want to post it here so anyone who follows us can experience the magic of all four friEd gals getting together with all our favorite friEdfans and talking shop.

Last night, we recapped our "10 things Google Updated this Summer" social media series, which was a lot of fun because while reading about it in a 200-character tweet or on a 5"x5" graphic is informative, hearing personal stories about the features and how they are improving our experiences with Google is entertaining!

We also talked about how awesome it was to get to work with some truly great schools, districts, and educators during our super swamped summer of 2019. Last month, Brooke made a Tour Builder to illustrate our chaotic journey and we shared that again just in case anyone hadn't seen it. Looking back, it's hard to believe we were able to be in so many places in such a short period of time!

Before we ended our webinar, friEdfan Alfonso won the coveted free seat in our NEW Google Certified Educator Level 1 Academy. We’re so proud of the work we’re doing with friEdOnline and we love being able to share it with educators and schools everywhere!

Listen, don’t just take my word for it. Check out our recorded webinar by registering here.

As always, we hope you join us in real time for our next webinar on November 13th and that you follow us on all major social media platforms: @friEdTechnology or with #friedfan

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