I'm So Excited About Our New Online School . . . friEdOnline . . .

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I'm THIS Excited about friEdOnline

The marketing experts would tell me not to bother writing this post (too many words, not enough pictures), but it's honestly more for me than it is for them anyway, so Imma do it anyway. Next week friEdOnline becomes a reality; a true online school with on demand courses that you'll be able to take any time, any place, at any pace you want. This has been a dream of mine for years and years, and thanks to my long-time and dear friend Alicia, friEdTechnology Director of Online Learning, it's finally happening!

The thing that makes me so excited about this is that I am 100% sure that ours will be the best education technology learning online . . . period. Every online course I've ever personally taken has left me cold. Too many videos, or too much text, or too repetitive, or too unclear, or too hard to navigate, or too confusing, or too boring, or too much information, or not enough information. Honestly, I could say the same about most of the online courses I've ever taught or created, too. Online PD SUCKS, and as you might know, we just hate to make something that sucks.

So, it was extremely IMPORTANT to get this right, and that's why it has taken so long to do. We had to have Alicia on our team with her years of experience building high quality online content to make it a reality. We know our stuff where edtech is concerned, but how to convey it effectively and satisfy our mission to provide fun, useful, and engaging professional development online and on demand? THAT was a challenge.

Next Friday, July 19, 2019, we're going to show you what we mean with a free Google Keep Course that is going to blow your mind. I will be shocked if you don't learn a few new things from it, no matter your level of expertise. I really (REALLY) thought I knew Keep, but I learned THREE new things I can think of off the top of my head right now, and I took the course several weeks ago. For example, did you know there's a way to make a Keep note confidential so that it doesn't appear on your screen when you open Keep in your browser?! Yeah, me neither until I took this course. (And if you're thinking, Google Keep, what the heck is that?, you DEFINITELY NEED THIS COURSE!)

Did you know there's a way to make a

Keep note confidential so that it

doesn't automatically appear on your screen

when you open Keep?

Another incredibly exciting thing is the list of courses in the queue. Here are some ideas we're kicking around . . .

  • Smarter Gmail: Getting Started with Gmail

  • Google Level 0: Getting Started with G Suite

  • Google Level 1: Educator Certification: G Suite for Education Certification Preparation

  • Google Level 2: Educator Certification: G Suite for Education Certification Preparation

  • Classroom Management in the Digital Age

  • Beyond the Red Pen: Providing Meaningful Feedback

  • The friEdTechnology Playlist: Chrome Extensions Everyone Needs

  • Smarter Google Calendars: Getting Started with Google Calendars

  • Smarter Classroom: Getting Started with Google Classroom

  • Way Smarter Classroom: Going Beyond Google Classroom

  • Gifted with Google: 6 Hour GT Update

  • Increase Student Engagement with HyperSlides

  • The friEdTechnology Chromebook Academy Bundle (Chromebook Scavenger Hunt, Classroom Management, Beyond the Red Pen, and HyperSlides)

  • Clone Yourself with Screencastify

  • Self-Grading Quizzes with Google Forms

  • Blended Learning with Google: Creating Self-Paced Learning Experiences

  • Formative Assessments for Tech-Infused Classrooms

  • Get friEdCertified: Build your Own Tech-Infused Classroom

  • Tech Influencer Academy: Learn to Lead & Inspire with Instructional Technology

If you want to be among the first to know when new courses are released, want to learn how to take our free Google Keep course, or want to have a say in which courses are produced next, please sign up for our mailing list here.

And if you want a custom course developed for your school or district or have a great course idea, contact information@friEdTechnology.com . . . we're into that because we know it feels so good to be friEd!

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