Presenting NEW Features for Slides Presentations

There's no better, more versatile tool in the G Suite arsenal than Google Slides. Educators everywhere have found ways to create collaborative experiences, interactive lessons, and even beautifully designed print materials within the flexibility of Google Slides. However, this summer Google upped the ante with 2 new features that make functionality even better: blank slides and presentation timings.

Have you ever been in the middle of a presentation when a student asked a thought-provoking question that led to a valueable-but-off-topic conversation? Wouldn't it have been nice to temporarily turn off your existing presentation so all attention was directed to the conversation? Now you can. With this recent update, presentations can be switched to either a solid white or solid black screen mid-presentation with a click of the keyboard. And just as easily, you can jump right back into the presentation where you left off.

Additionally, Google has added the ability to adjust presentation timings from within the presentation itself. No more need to publish your presentation before being able to auto-play and loop your slides. Want to know more? Check out our quick how-to video below:

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