GOOGLE UPDATE: Pulling Google Drawings FROM DRIVE into Google Docs

My love for Google Drawing goes deep and wide (like, there’s a fountain flowing deep and wide). I think it is safe to say, of all the Google Apps, I frequent Google Drawing the most. Google Drawing allows me to add fun and frill to any boring assignment. I’m that annoying elementary educator who appreciates making my students’ assignments aesthetically pleasing and “cute,” therefore, I have always enjoyed inserting a Drawing into a Google Doc. We all know Google changes on the daily and I was excited to hear that there was an update to this feature in Google Docs. Now, you have the option to pull Google Drawings over FROM DRIVE!

This new update now allows the creator to work in the comfort of Google Drawing with all of the bells and whistles. Then you can open a Google Doc and pull it right in.

Another fun part of this upgrade is that there is an update feature! If I make a Google Drawing and pull it into a Google Doc and later realize there was a mistake, I can then go make changes to the original Google Drawing and it will give me a prompt button on the Google Doc to “UPDATE” the Google Drawing to its new edited view.

As soon as I heard about this update, my brain went into overdrive trying to find ways to make this useful in the education world. One way I would use this in the classroom is through choice boards. Often teachers use choice boards to allow students to do the assignment through many different platforms and then the teachers are tasked to have to go to many different sites to check their work. I would put my choice boards on a Google Doc and allow my students to add the links to their finished work into the Google doc so that all of the turned in work was in one place. This makes grading happen all in one place in Google Classroom rather than a scavenger hunt of platforms. Please feel free to use this vocabulary choice board template to see what I mean:

This is a fun new update to Google Docs. I look forward to finding even more fresh and exciting ways to use it.

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