Google's Top "Priority"!

Google you sweet thang, how did you know I needed more FILE organization in my life? The NEW priority page boosts productivity by creating custom workspaces for your most relevant documents.

You will find the “Priority” page in the left sidebar, just above “My Drive” on the Google Drive landing page. You can set this to be your default landing page in settings.

Check out the cards at the top of the page. Now, scroll to the right across the top section to see the most recent actions. These cards provide previews of your most recent edits, comments, or share requests.

Workspaces are custom creations made by you, the user! Instead of starring documents that will feed in alphabetically into a larger Drive page you can now create a better workspace. Take a project you are working on and add all the files that are needed on one workspace board. When you are finished, delete the workspace without eliminating the files from your Drive organization. I think I just heard teachers and students rejoicing! 👏👏👏👏

Hopefully, this feature will help save you time by eliminating file hunting. I know it has already helped me eliminate having too many open tabs and searching through my Google Drive. Now that is a WIN!

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