We've been everywhere, friends!

We hope you all were able to enjoy some hard-earned vacation and pool time in between teaching summer school and attending professional development this summer. In the meantime, the friEdTechnology team has been kicking the tires and lighting the fires! (That’s a Top Gun reference to all you youngins) We had so much fun working with amazing educators around the country, it inspired us to write a song. Want to hear it?

🎶 We’ve been (almost) everywhere, friends

We’ve been (almost) everywhere, friends

Crossed the states by air, friends

We’ve worked with teachers there, friends

Of travel we’ve had our share, friends

We’ve been (almost) everywhere! 🎶

🎶 We’ve been to Dallas, Minnesota, Riceville Iowa, Beaumont, Fort Worth, Northern Carolina, Albuquerque, NYC, and New Orleans, Keller, Weslaco, Houston, Arkansas, Austin, Spring, Madison Wisconsin, Huntsville, Midland, Lumberton, Cuero, San Antonio, Victoria, Joplin, Tulsa, CyFair, Tolar, Broaddus, Corpus Christi, Garland, Leander, Crowley and Fayette County, Tennessee.

Yeah, we’ve been (almost) everywhere! 🎶

Just kidding, that song was originally sung by Johnny Cash, but we stand by the lyrics ;-) Whew! We have definitely been busy this summer with trainings, conferences and meetings and have not posted as much to our social media channels as we would like. Want to see where we went and what we did? Check out the travel map our lead Learning Guide, Brooke (@b_outofthebox), made in Google Tour Builder to track our travels. So, if you’ve been missing us, just know we have been missing you too and we’re back in town and ready to hear from our #friedfans out there on all our social media channels.

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