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Love Padlet but don’t want to pay for a subscription? Well, do we have great news for you! There’s a free online collaboration tool called Lino which has many of the features you may love in Padlet! Both tools bring a web-based or app accessible collaboration tool to the table but with slightly different features.

Lino is a canvas with the option to add multiple sticky notes that can contain text, videos, hyperlinks, due dates, and emojis…. Yes, I said emojis 😁. When setting up your Lino account, go ahead and take the time to create groups for each of your classes. This will benefit you because all of your canvass will be saved by class so that students have easy access to them at any time for review. Groups can be shared by sending an email or sharing the link. Students must sign in order to join the group, but they can connect with their Google logins.

Once students are in a canvas, they can easily drag a sticky note onto the canvas to post. Sticky notes can be customized by color, text size, text color, emoji, and due date. Students can also add videos which play within the canvas by using a URL, upload files from their computers, or add pictures saved on their devices. Once sticky notes are posted, they can be resized and moved anywhere on the canvas. This is a great feature for students working in a group because they are able to organize sticky notes into groups or categories with ease. Sticky notes can also be pinned to the canvas by clicking on the pin at the top of a note. Once sticky notes are no longer needed, they can be peeled off or copied to another canvas.

The background of a canvas is completely customizable using preset backgrounds or an uploaded picture of your choice. While working on a canvas, students can view a thumbnail image of the entire canvas in the bottom right-hand corner of their screen. This allows students to easily see where they are posting on the canvas and monitor their classmates’ additions.

As students post to the canvas, teachers can hover each note to see the owner and timestamp of the post. This feature is great for accountability in a group project and digital citizenship! Teacher or admins of groups also have access to a dashboard that shows the history of all post to canvases with time stamps and hyperlinks to the post.

I think you will enjoy the creative freedom that Lino provides to students including the ability to organize and customize their canvases for maximum learning and collaboration.

PDF version of infographic

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