Diving Into Distance Learning: Google Attendance Form

As we potentially dive back into distance learning, you may be trying to figure out how to manage your live online classes. How can you keep track of who shows up? Well, we’ve got a free and easy solution for you! Google Forms is an excellent tool to use to take attendance.

Here are some options.

Option 1: Daily Sign In - Simply create a form that collects students’ email addresses, then ask their first and last names; the date and time of the form submission will be automatically recorded. Give out the link once class has started in the chat, put it in a slide deck every time you hold a new live (synchronous) class, or give it its own special topic at the top of your Google Classroom. The form will collect all the attendance information in one place and allow you to quickly sort through the data in a Google Sheet.

Pro Tip: Below is a gif of how to collect email addresses in your Google Form.

Option 2: Daily Check-In - One of the big tasks that teachers face with distance learning is building relationships from afar. Attendance can be a great way to start. Why not ask a question while students check-in for attendance. Ask “What do you still need help with?” Ask “How are you feeling today?” Ask “What is your favorite sport and team?” Change the question every day or every week. This will give students something to look forward to and also give you some insight into their lives and who they are as individuals.

Secondary Classroom Example (Collects Email Address) To get your copy click here

Elementary Classroom Example (Doesn’t Collect Email Addresses) To get your copy click here

Hopefully, these pro tips helped with taking the plunge! You’ll be doing swimmingly before you know it!

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