Clarify Expectations with NEW Rubrics in Google Classroom

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

I've always been a huge fan of using rubrics. Not only do they make justifying assigned grades easier, they provide students with scaffolding that allows them to work confidently and efficiently as they complete assignments. Google has launched a recent update for Classroom, bringing to the table a tool many of us have been asking for since the beginning: custom rubrics.

Grading in Google Classroom has always been pretty simple, but this update makes grading easier than ever! Check out the slideshow (left) to see how easy it is to create a rubric for your own Assignment.

Once you've create a rubric, using it to grade is a breeze! Students can see the rubric in their assignment's details, so they're always clear on what is expected of them.

To grade an assignment with the rubric, simply navigate to the Classroom Grader and click the rubric icon (3 lines with a check mark). Use the built-in easy-grader to select the appropriate point value for each criterion. Calculate the score, post and return. It's just that easy! Check out the video for a quick demo of using the rubric to grade (video has no sound).

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