Add a NEW Chrome Profile for Each Account you Use (You'll Thank Us Later)

We work with THOUSANDS of people a year to learn Google tools, and account switching causes more confusion for users than any other single issue. This post is for three sets of people . . .

1. PD Providers: If you are going to be working with participants on Google Learning, we highly recommend you have them separate their work / personal Google Accounts by using multiple Chrome logins instead of just "adding an account." When you use the "add account" technique, your users are probably installing their school Chrome extensions and web history into their personal Chrome accounts, which is likely not what they intend. In addition, each time a user navigates to, for example, the account will default to the address they used to log into Chrome, not the account they added to work inside their school account. This leads to a lot of confusion later.

2. Participants in PD: If you are attending professional development, please, please (we beg you, please) follow these directions when we give them to you. Trust us, if you don't, we will know later when the class has to stop to accommodate the confusion that will almost certainly ensue for you. Just do it; you may not trust us yet, but you will soon!

3. New G Suite for Education Users: You probably already have a Google account that ends in, and now you have a new Google account that ends in It's best to keep the web histories, bookmarks, extensions, etc. separate. The easiest way (by far) to do this is to switch Chrome accounts instead of users.

It's a lot of steps the first time, but trust us on this, it's going to be worth it! Once you get your new account added, how about selecting a Chrome Theme in each of your accounts to help you differentiate? Check out the new "Published by Chrome" section for some stylish options.

Steps to add a new User to Chrome
How to add a New User to Chrome

See how multiple Chrome accounts can be differentiated by clicking the arrow to see several Chrome themes installed.

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