Slides are Getting Turned Up! Insert Audio into Google Slides

Something exciting has happened! No, it’s not the new season Game of Thrones (although that makes this girl awfully happy). It’s actually better. Google has finally added the ability to insert audio into Google Slides! I’ll wait for your excitement to die down, I know it’s probably quite intense.

In recent years, Google Slides has been thoroughly updated to be on par with other presentation software, but the one feature everyone has been waiting for has been attaching audio to our slides. And now it’s here (coming soon to a domain near you!) It’s pretty simple to do if you have what you need: a Google Slides presentation and a MP3 file of desired audio. I like to get royalty-free content from the free YouTube Creator studio Audio Library, which allows you to download songs and sound effects for use in your own projects. If you want to make your own, there are some really great (free!) audio recorders out there. I would personally recommend Zoom, a web-based video conferencing/screencasting tool. It has TONS of awesome features, but for this project, you can simply record your screen and it auto-saves the MP3 audio file as well.

My husband, a non-educator, asked me why this was so exciting for all of us. My response was probably slightly too aggressive, but what can a girl do? She’s ready to get started! I rattled off seemingly a thousand things we could do with audio in Slides, but here are just a few:

  • Save time on awkward class presentations by allowing students to narrate their own Slides presentation. Post the final presentation links in a shared Google Doc or Sheet for classmates/peer review.

  • Really get to know your readers by having students attach audio files of themselves reading text from their slide. Use this as anecdotal evidence when you assess their fluency or language acquisition skills.

  • In foreign language, one of the most vital skills is speaking. Make your classroom more efficient and really get to know your speakers by reviewing their authentic speaking skills. Assign a Slides deck full of prompts and have students attach their audio answers to their copy of the Slides (works perfectly in Google Classroom!).

  • In a collaborative assignment, have students give verbal feedback in the form of attached audio files.

Ready to add audio to your Google Slides? Check out the video to see how it’s done. What are some ways you can envision using this new feature in your own classroom? Let us know in the comments!

**Edit: Google launched this feature for Rapid Release domains on April 2, 2019 but the features should start appearing in Scheduled Release domains, beginning April 18, 2019. Expect to wait up to 15 days to see this change in your own account. Read more and keep up to date about all new features in the G Suite here **

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