Sometimes people have questions

And sometimes they are good ones. And sometimes they are, like, obvious. But go ahead and ask anyway. 

If your real question, deep down, is "why should we choose friEdTechnology," you'll find the answers here


Why do you call it "Fried Technology" isn't fried technology bad?

I'm from the South, and in the South, everything is better fried. But you're right, "fried" technology means all messed up. Honestly, when you call me, sometimes there is a big mess. I can't fix your computers, but I can help you get on the right track with now to integrate those computers so that they can be used instructionally, and I can help you rethink why you got them in the first place besides that you had some money left over. In this way, fried CAN be good. 


We need to get Google Apps for Education.

Yes, yes you do; however, this is not a question. Perhaps your question is, "can you help us do that"? The answer is YES. We work with a whole team of people who can help, the friEdTechnology Team. Please let us help you before it's fried and not after, though honestly we will help you then too. 


Do you do keynotes?

Yes, we do, and we would love to do yours provided we have the time and you have the money. But here's the thing, We want to know what you are trying to do and then we'll decide what to say about that. If you want to write the keynote, you also have to do it. We might not say what you want us to say because, as Pink Panther famously said, "that is not my dog."


I want to ask another question.

That is also not a question . . . we covered this in number 2; however, I think I know what you mean, and you can contact us any time. 

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