About our Founder, Amy Mayer

Amy Mayer, founder & CEO of friEdTechnology, is a nationally known speaker and trainer and a veteran public school educator who is a sworn enemy of standardization.  Amy first worked in education as a college professor after earning a master’s degree in English then later entered the “real world” as a teacher of 6th grade, later working in 9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade and you guessed it, 12th grade in the subjects of French and English.


Most of her work as a teacher was with students from poverty who were not motivated by grades or her approval. This led to a moment she says every teacher eventually has which leads to the seminal "teacher story." This story explains the moment we find our passion for teaching.


Briefly, Amy left the education realm to work in the technology department of a large school district where she did crazy things like manage servers before finding her passion for Instructional Technology. She also served as a language arts consultant for the Region 4 Education Service Center in Houston, Texas, and a curriculum & instruction consultant for Region 6 Education Service Center in Huntsville, Texas. For three years she served Huntsville ISD as Director for Staff Development and District Initiatives, then later, she returned to her first love, Instructional Technology, serving as a director for the largest private school in Houston. 


Nowadays, Amy works full time running friEdTechnology, a Google Professional Development Partner company, providing professional development and inspiration for educators across the land. Her greatest hope is that friEdTechnology learning experiences are ones you won’t want to leave. When you learn with Amy and her team, you’ll understand why “friEdTechnology,” because everything is better fried. 



“Instructional Technology is not about learning to use technology but about using technology to learn.”

-Amy Mayer

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