Free Professional Development from Google for Your School

What is the Google Promo?

Google is offering free professional development from friEdTechnology based on Chromebook purchases. The more Chromebooks your district purchases, the more free professional development you may be eligible for. 

Get Started:

  1. Complete your Chromebook & Chrome Education Upgrade purchase (or lease). 

  2. Proof of purchase (or lease) is required (via invoice or purchase order).

  3. Invoices/Purchase Orders may be combined within a 60 day window. 

  4. Review the services available based on the number of devices you purchased (below).

  5. Fill out the required form here.

  6. To get friEdTechnology services, you must select Training Services.

  7. Confirm your purchase.

  8. Choose friEdTechnology as your services partner when you are completing the form.

Service Tiers/Services:

Open the Sheet below in a new tab.

(Recommended for mobile device viewing.)

Details / Eligibility:

As a US or Canada-based K-12 district or school interested in buying Chromebooks and Chrome Education Upgrade in 2020, you may be eligible to receive free services along with your purchase. These services, delivered by trusted Google for Education partners, are designed to help your school get the most out of Google for Education tools.

  • This offer is available to K-12 schools, districts, or consortia* in the US and Canada

  • A "New Customer" is any customer with 30 or less Chromebooks and Chrome Education Upgrade licenses deployed within their school or district.
    Proof of purchase (submitted via invoice or purchase order) must include an equal number of Chromebooks AND Chrome Education Upgrades

  • Only 1 order per year is eligible for the promotion. An “order” is defined as all purchases of Chromebooks and Chrome Education Upgrades by your district/school within a 60 day window during the promotion period.

  • This promotion period is January 1, 2020 - August 31, 2020, or while supplies last

  • Services need to be redeemed by November 30, 2020

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