Saturday, August 17, 2013

Student Choice Continuum: Version 1

I'm working on the idea of a student choice continuum to help explain Project Based Learning. This continuum is not meant to represent "good" verus "bad" instruction; almost all forms of instruction can be done well or poorly, purposefully or not. For example, I learn well by listening, so for me, an interesting, well-delivered lecture could be effective. My son, however, is not much of an auditory learner. Doing a Project would be better for him than a lecture.  I'd appreciate your constructive feedback on this idea. This is version 1. What can we do to make it better?


Jennifer Kirsch said...

This is a great idea - I'm excited to see V. II and III and IV! ;)

For me, what resonates the most from your infographic (so to speak) are the specific examples you've included under Busy Work and Doing a Project. It's helpful for me to look over the continuum and then have those touchpoints to think back to my own teaching. For example, you say a worksheet is busy work, and that's tangible and vivid for me. Same with the idea of everyone doing the same volcano or Alamo project - I can see it and instantly compare it to something I do (or don't) do in my own classroom. I'd love to see similar specific examples for the other headers on the continuum (i.e. an example of a hands on activity, since this could be broadly interpreted; same for PBL. I know it's hard to describe a good PBL in just a few words, but an example would help me to think about this in terms of my own curriculum). I love the infographic and can't wait to share the completed version!

MJF said...

This is really a great idea and a nice design. The one question I have is about the curriculum line along the bottom. Is that indicating that both busy work and full PBL are outside of the curriculum and that most everyone else is staying within?

Amy Mayer said...

@MJF That's a great point. What I wanted to show was that although Project Based Learning includes lots of student choice that it still lies within the curriculum and is based on standards versus complete self-choice, which may or may not be based on curriculum. Do you have any idea how I could do that better? Thanks for your feedback!