Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Intro to Google Drive and Chrome for Educators

Interested in how Chrome (the browser/operating system) can work for you in schools? How Google Drive is different from Google Docs? What Google Drive Apps you should you install?


Check out this video tutorial. Don't forget to comment if you learned something new or have something to add.


Mrs. Yollis said...

Thanks, Amy! I always learn so much from your videos. I personalized my Chrome page, thanks to one of your other videos, and now I learned all about accessing apps through Google Drive!

You are such a great teacher!


Mr. McNulty said...

In answer to your very first question: "Why wouldn't a school district take advantage of all Google has to offer?" Whenever you use a Google product Google is harvesting data from you about everything you do online. This may seem completely innocent, and adults shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that the frantic gmails they sent to friends about their recent herpes outbreak have resulted in advertisements for herpes medications on every website that they visit. There is a very legitimate question about whether or not minors should be subjected to the same intrusive marketing techniques and whether or not authority figures such as public school teachers should be forcing them to participate in Google’s data collection efforts. Keep in mind, we really don’t know (and Google won’t tell us) what they’re doing with the data they collect. There is also the question of whether or not any government entity should be giving one company unlimited access to our children over another private company. Put another way: Let’s say there are 2 ice cream shops in your town and one shop wants to find out what flavor the kids at your school like so they can buy more of it and make more money. Should they be allotted the exclusive privilege to survey your students, during your class time? Does it really make a difference if the teachers prefer their ice cream? Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate Google products also but I find most teachers have never even thought through these issues and they are very important.

J.McNulty, Computer Teacher

Amy Mayer said...

Mr. McNulty, You may be confusing the consumer Google agreement with the Google Apps for education agreement, which does not allow data harvesting. I realize that this would still require trust in Google, which some may not possess, but the agreement is different.

As with every tool, we have to think in terms of costs versus benefits; in my opinion, right now, there is nothing else like Google Apps for Education tools for teaching and learning. When there is, I will be glad to take a look.

Find the educational agreement here: http://www.google.com/apps/intl/en/terms/user_terms.html

Mindi Vandagriff said...

I can't even begin to thank you for sharing this. This is what I have been trying to articulate to IE/Safari users for too long now. Our district just purchased Google Apps for Education this school year, and haven't even begun to unleash the power that is Google. I am so excited to see if our students have access (I might even go up to school this weekend to find out) and if we don't, I'll be using your video as sole reason why we should! I have used the Google Chrome Store personally, but I never knew that I could add apps to my Google Drive. And then to work offline with Google Drive and Apps??? Shut the front door. Thanks so much for taking the time to show us this! I can't wait to share it!

Lisa Coats said...

Awesome Video I learned tons and tons. Keep them coming>

Amy Mayer said...

@Mindi Thank you so much for the thoughtful reply. I KNOW, right?!? It's kind of hard to explain that it's really not just a browser anymore. You've got to see it! So glad this helped.

@Lisa Thank you! Will do. Let me know if you have topic ideas.

Betty Ann said...

Thanks for sharing. I enjoy all your videos and always learn something new. Much appreciated.
Betty Ann

Alice Morey said...

Google drive is the best invention for the students. Now, whenever i ask someone to do my coursework they can save it in my google drive and i can get that from there.